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The Ultimate Discord Bot


Leveling and Reputation Systems

Keep your members engaged with a highly customizable leveling and Reputation system. By sending chat messages, members can earn ranks and customize their profiles to build a lasting reputation on your server!

leveling interface

Custom Greetings & Auto-Roles

TechnoBot can welcome new server members with personalized join, farewell, and DM messages. You can even set custom roles to give to new members!

greetings interface

Music Integration

Play music in real time with your friends through voice chat. Search for songs, build a rockin playlist, and jam out to your favorite tunes with our advanced music player.

music interface

Economy, Shops, and Gambling

Create a digital economy for your server, complete with jobs, crime, shopping, and even a casino. You can even set up your own store to sell custom items and perks!

economy interface

Advanced Moderation Tools

Deal out punishments, automatically log important changes to your server, and set important auto-moderation routines to manage tasks for you. TechnoBot's staff tools allow you to easily manage a server of any size!

moderation interface


Listen, curate, and respond to feedback with our powerful suggestion system. Members can vote for their favorite poposals and staff responses in real time, making community feedback fun and engaging.

suggestions interface


The starboard is a community leaderboard that allows your members to share and upvote custom content. Your members will love sharing pictures and videos to see how many stars they can earn!

starboard interface

Ticket System

Create a ticket system that allows your members to communicate with staff quickly and privately. Perfect for customer support, ban appeals, or general inquiries.

Tickets interface